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Our Wisdom and Tactics for Battling Stress

We are a group of Mums supporting each other in limiting the way stress impacts our lives. We have collected some of our knowledges of ways we are responding to stress.

Change What I’m Thinking About
When stress feels huge I stand on my balcony and look at a tree. I try to change what I’m thinking about.

Take a Deep Breath
When I feel really frustrated by my child’s behaviour I’m trying to take a deep breath and use a firm, slow voice. This is a new thing that I’ve been practising, and I feel proud of myself.

I Tell Myself I’m Strong
Life can be very hard. I tell myself “I’m strong. I can get through this stress.”

Using Good Thoughts
I don’t waste anything, even good thoughts. When I have a good thought, like “Take the kids to the park” I do it straight away. I remind myself “Life is short”.

Praying Brings Me Comfort and Hope
When I feel worried I pray. When I was a little girl I had a lot of worries. I knew that God was there. I would pray for other people and for animals. After forgetting this for a while, I’ve come back to this knowledge now. Many people have influenced me in this -people who have loved and supported me over lots of years. One lady in particular I know I can call anytime I’m worried and she’ll pray for my situation. Praying brings me comfort. Talking to God brings me hope.

Time Will Make Things Better
Sometimes when I’m upset I tell myself “Time will make things better”. I learnt this when my Grandma died. I was very upset, but over time the pain faded.  During this time I spoil myself, I love myself and I have less expectations on myself. I try to relax.

Sometimes Stress Can Make Me Stronger
People seem to think stress is all bad, but I think it can make me stronger. It can be a learning time.

Talking to People I Trust
When I’m really stressed I like to talk to people straight away. I don’t want to wait until the next day. I know that I need to talk. This gets my stress out. It’s like a puffed up balloon, and talking makes it go down, makes it smaller. I choose someone I trust. I had a best friend – for 10 years we told each other everything, even the dodgy stuff, the secret stuff. Now she has moved away I’m looking for someone else I can trust. Until then I talk to myself – I help myself.

Being a Good Friend
It is important to me to be a good friend to others. Other people have been good to me, and I really value friendship. Caring for others also helps me. I believe that when you help others it takes your mind off your own problems. Other people have told me that I am loving, and they’ve noticed that I still care, even during my own hard time.

I Think of my Grandmother
Sometimes when I’m heading down a risky path I think of my Grandmother. She wants better things for me, so I imagine what she’d say about the decision I’m about to make. This helps me to make a better choice for my life. I know I can go to her and tell her anything, no matter what. Recently she said to me “You are like my daughter. I’ve looked after you your whole life. Come to me first.” She’s like my safe place. She’s always there for me.