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Moving Away From Drugs and Violence

Wanting a Better Life for Our Kids
In deciding to move away from drugs we all thought about wanting a better life for our kids. Many of us had very difficult times growing up, and we have hopes for things to be different for our kids.

One of us said: ‘To decide that I wanted to live a life without drugs I first had to realise that drugs were getting in the way of me making the life I wanted for my kids. I always wanted them to have a better life than I’d had growing up, but I could see that things were heading the same way.’

Another of us said: ‘In deciding to move away from drugs I thought about my kids. I wanted them to know different people – people who don’t use or sell drugs. I wanted to protect them from knowing about the drug environment.’

Some of us have experienced devastating outcomes of drug use: ‘I got to the point of hating drugs. Drugs took my child away, as he was put in care by Community Services. This was traumatic for me and my child, and my extended family.’

You have to Be Ready
‘I so badly wanted to get off, but I still had cravings. You have to be ready to stop using – you can’t have ‘just one more’. This takes determination.’

Kids Notice More Than You Think
We have a shared hope that our kids won’t experience addiction.

‘I know that kids are smart, and they notice more than you think. I don’t want our kids growing up thinking that using drugs is an ok way to live. We have to teach them the right way.’

‘Kids have earlier memories than we realise. I want to set a good example.’

One person expressed this idea: ‘I want my kids to know about my experiences so that they will know that drugs aren’t the right path. They will make their own mistakes, but I want to explain about my mistakes in a way that isn’t hypocritical. I need them to know that addiction brings hardship.’

‘I wanted my kids to have a better life – a life without seeing violence. I would hate for my daughter to be in a violent relationship, or for my sons to hit their girlfriends. I want to instill different morals. I want them to have respect for women and understanding for women. I want them to know that women aren’t there to be used for sex.’

Moving out of the Area
Some of us had to move out of the area where we lived. These are our stories.