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Stories People Have Shared

Included here are some stories from people who are willing to share their experiences, knowledges and skills in response to problems or difficult situations they have encountered.

Some are stories written by one person. Others are documents collecting wisdom from a number of people on a common theme – these can be added to over time as more people contribute their knowledge.


If it wasn’t for NILS...

Being on a disability pension I found it hard to afford just the essentials. I applied for a NILS® loan that would allow me to buy a sofa bed. It was a place to sit but it also meant that my grandchildren had somewhere to sleep when they came over to visit. The payments were so low that I was able to start planning to buy other things that I needed.

I had been eating off a tray in the lounge room so when I had paid off my first loan, I applied for another loan to buy a table. I can now sit at the table to eat.

I think that NILS® is really important because where else would you go if your fridge broke down or your washing machine didn’t work? It’s been so helpful in providing me with the things that I need and giving me the opportunity to plan ahead.

I’m already planning my next loan!

- Cheryle


I have been with Telopea Family Support for about 6 years. I have had the same family worker. I don’t know how I would get through without our weekly meetings. She has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and I also consider her a good friend now. Without her support and help I would not be where I am today. She is AWESOME! As is the whole service in general. My son attends groups after school. I have also attended many groups here.

This is such a great service, and with people who go above and beyond to help others. I love it.

- Anonymous


I have been coming to Telopea Christian Centre for over a year now. I have attended many places in the past and nothing equals to this place.

I have a mental illness and have spent 20 years hunting down someone I can relate to and that has the patience and caring nature of the Family Worker I have been seeing here.

My worker has pretty basically helped me to become a better person, by his understanding and by his knowledge as a counsellor. I have attended groups with other women, which has been a saviour to me, they are all understanding and non-judgemental.

My child who is nine also sees a child play therapist and is making a lot of progress, another wonderful person from this centre.

The people here are warm, caring, very good at their jobs and take their jobs seriously. The people here have helped my family stay together, through our tough times and I’m forever grateful to my worker and this wonderful centre.

I recommend this place to anyone having troubles coping in this life and who needs a caring person to lean on.

 - Lee-Anne